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Meet our Growers From field to furnace: the home grown heat source

Richard Gothard Somerset miscanthus grower

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Meet our Growers Biomass, beef and beer: the diversification success story

Mark Richardson Pub owner, arable and beef cattle farmer

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Meet our Growers Poor grade flood-prone land now achieving record yields

Bill Lewis Norfolk arable and sheep farmer

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Meet our Growers Miscanthus comes to the rescue in controlling blackgrass

Mark Wiseman Arable manager

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Meet our Growers Miscanthus solution for reclaimed land on mixed farm

Michael Bowden Berkshire mixed arable/livestock farmer

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Meet our Growers Novel crop diversification supports mixed farm enterprise

John Shepherd Gloucestershire mixed farmer with dog kennels business

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Meet our Growers The miscanthus advocate - practicing what he preaches

Mike Cooper Advisor and grower group director

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Meet our Growers Ideal solution for small awkward fields

Richard Hartley Oxfordshire arable & pig farmer

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Meet our Growers Boosting business and lifestyle: the move from combinable crops

Chris Bradley East Yorkshire arable farmer

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Meet our Growers Low inputs, high returns: an arable farm manager's choice

Jim Beeden Lincolnshire farms manager

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Meet our Growers Banishing Blackgrass and Profiting from Problem Land

Ed Green Lincolnshire arable farmer

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Meet our Growers Converting 10% To Miscanthus - The Business Case

William Cracroft-Eley Miscanthus grower and Terravesta Chairman

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Meet our Growers The Maintenance Free Move From Beef Cattle To Miscanthus

John Farrington West Somerset arable, grass and forestry farmer

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Meet our Growers Maximising Marginal Land

Peter Hicks Northamptonshire arable & sheep farmer

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Miscanthus Production Contract Calculator
Find out how Miscanthus stacks up alongside arable cropping...


Who is Terravesta?

Miscanthus has a great future in the UK as an energy crop. There is one company which understands and can work with growers, can process the crop to produce sustainable, high quality fuel and energy and can sell those products to end users. Terravesta is that company.

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"I planted 10% of my arable farm land with Miscanthus in 2006, and haven't looked back since. In light of volatile wheat prices and unpredictable weather, Miscanthus has offered me a level of security that almost no other crop can. It's a low-risk, high-return perennial energy crop that has turned my problem land into profitable land."

William Cracroft-Eley

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Why grow Miscanthus?

With a 10 year, index linked Terravesta contract, Miscanthus offers growers a level of economic certainty that almost no other crop can. Prices are currently at an all-time high, meaning farmers who act now benefit from guaranteed best-ever profits - and can even turn marginal land into profitable land.


Growing a future-proof market

Terravesta is committed to ensuring homegrown energy crops have a secure and profitable future - and if you can grow it, we will buy it. Along with our 10 year index linked contracts, government support and ever-increasing demand from end users are fuelling long-term market growth, which means farmers signing up now will benefit from guaranteed returns for years to come. Low overheads, minimal inputs, stable yields, clear pricing and long life mean Miscanthus is now a real arable contender. See how it compares:


Ask an Expert

Make the most of Miscanthus

Our team of experts is on-hand to answer any question you might have about growing or burning Miscanthus. Talk to us today about the huge opportunity Miscanthus presents - and how you can make the most of this remarkable energy crop.