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At Terravesta, our mission is to establish Miscanthus as the UK's no.1 homegrown biomass resource.

Our growers are at the heart of our mission, and we work closely with them and our end-users to provide a seamless supply chain solution from start to finish.

Since launching in early 2012, Terravesta has built up a strong network of Miscanthus growers across the UK, who are already benefiting from long-term security and best-ever prices through 10-year, RPIX-linked contracts. What's more, the invaluable advice, support and expertise we offer growers at every stage of the process means they're well-equipped to produce the highest quality crop possible – and in turn, reap the best profits. If you can grow it, we will buy it. Contact us today to find out more.

By securing a consistent supply of premium quality crop, we ensure demand from buyers continues long into the future. With biomass becoming an increasingly important part of the UK's future energy mix, demand for energy crops is far outstripping production. Miscanthus is well-placed to meet this demand as the no.1 locally grown, locally burnt energy crop.

The Future

At Terravesta, we believe that the potential for Miscanthus is phenomenal – and we're already developing new initiatives ranging from added value energy products to fully self-contained heat supply systems. While large power stations remain the strongest source of demand for Miscanthus, we see a huge opportunity for the crop as an attractive fuel and heat source for the wider energy market – and at Terravesta we can make this vision a reality.

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