Interested in growing miscanthus? Don't miss our next farm walk

24th November 2016

Farmers interested in producing miscanthus to supply the Brigg power station in north Lincolnshire are being asked to come forward.

And those wanting to find out more about the benefits of growing the crop, should not miss the Terravesta miscanthus farm walk on December 8th.

The meeting place for the miscanthus farm walk will be Ellerker village hall, Brough, East Yorkshire. The walk is free of charge, and lunch is provided. It's a 11:00 start and will finish at around 14:00. To book your place click on the orange sash on the Terravesta homepage or contact Jacob Duce 01522 785777.

 About the walk and the grower:

Hosted by kind permission of East Yorkshire arable grower, Chris Bradley, the walk will include a tour of two established miscanthus crops on his farm, and presentations from Terravesta - the leaders in miscanthus supply chain management.

Chris made the move from combinable crops to miscanthus in 2006. "Due to the diverse mix of soil types on my farm, I was struggling to achieve strong arable yields on the lighter land, which was drought-prone with blow away sand,"he says.

"The market price for combinable crops was at an all-time low and I had to make a decision that would make business sense for the farm. I started with 24 hectares of miscanthus and due to increasingly successful yields, this has since expanded to 40 hectares - making up 50% of the farm.

"Miscanthus is an excellent solution for our difficult light land, because regardless of wet or dry weather, it continues to thrive where other crops would fail. It also provides a level of financial stability that you simply can't bank on with the volatile prices of arable crops. Even the variable cost of sprays and fertilisers are no longer an issue - as it requires such minimal inputs and maintenance."

Chris used to contract out the whole farm but has now taken 40 hectares of arable back in hand having planted miscanthus because it's so straightforward to manage. "Plus its growing cycle doesn't conflict with my other crops. Having turned 60, opting to plant miscanthus has been a definite lifestyle choice and it's given me more time for myself and my other interests - including my Westfield car, which I like to say is powered by the profits I make from my successful miscanthus yields!"

Chris contracts all of the crop to Terravesta, which offers long-term, fixed price, index-linked contracts for growers, and the company will present the case for planting miscanthus to growers at the farm walk and answer any questions visitors have.

"I'm thoroughly behind all the hard work that Terravesta does to grow the miscanthus market and to encourage best practice amongst farmers, ensuring they achieve the very highest quality crop for best returns. I firmly believe that if you look after miscanthus correctly it will look after you - it's certainly worked for me," adds Chris.

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