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Harvest declarations going digital!

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We’re updating our harvest declaration processes to make life easier for our growers, not only in submitting information, but also when it comes to collections.
The more accurate the information we have, the better we can organise collections.
And there’s one big difference in the information required – we’d like you to declare your harvest data by stack.

A stack is defined as one block of bales all of the same type and moisture content.
A stack can contain any number of bales, as long as they’re all stored in the same conditions.
So, for example, stacks stored in different locations must be declared separately. If some of your bales are stacked outside and some inside a barn, then this would be defined as two stacks. If your bales are in several barns then these must be defined as separate stacks.

If your bales are in several physical locations, then these are always defined as separate stacks.

Read below this step by step guide to help when filling out your harvest declaration. Please get in touch if you need more information, or need guiding through it, we’re always at the end of the phone.

1. All growers should have been emailed a unique link to their digital harvest declaration during the first week of March

2. If you can’t access email, please call the office and we’ll send paper version

3. The first thing to do is to check your contact information, if it’s wrong, it needs updating please, so, when asked, ‘are the contact details below correct’ please click ‘no’ and change accordingly

4. Next up – if you’re a new grower and your crop has not reached maturity, or if your harvest has failed and you have nothing to declare, you need to submit a harvest declaration form stating this – so, under ‘do you have a harvest to declare’ please click ‘no’

5. If you do have stock to declare, please continue by clicking ‘yes’

6. The information you will enter next is exactly the same as usual, except for one very distinct difference. Each stack is declared separately, and information entered per stack. This may seem like a long winded way of doing things, but this will provide Terravesta with very clear and accurate data, and will help organise collections and move appropriate stock efficiently

7. Complete the declaration per stack and if you’re happy, hit ‘submit’ at the bottom

8. If you are interrupted halfway through, you can save and continue later on. Also, if you have a question on any point, please call Alison on 01522 731873