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Miscanthus x Giganteus

from Europe’s leading Miscanthus establishment & supply chain expert

Packaging protocol

  • 400 rhizomes/small bag
  • 64 bags/pallet (25,6k rhizomes / 1.5 ha)
  • 26 pallets/truck (39 ha)
  • 1 pallet = 1.5 ha (17k rhizomes/ha)
  • pallet footprint: 1200 x 1000 x 2000 mm
  • pallet weight: 650 kg (max 1,000 kg )

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Miscanthus Invasiveness

Miscanthus x giganteus Terravesta Athena™ is non-invasive

Currently, available cultivars and lines for Miscanthus x giganteus Terravesta Athena™ do not produce viable seed and, as such, are non invasive.

Terravesta’s more than a decade long planting experience confirms that once established, the Terravesta Athena™ rhizome covers a maximum area of around one square metre and once it has reached that size it does not spread further. The non-invasiveness of this hybrid is also determined by the genetic purity of the parental lines which our nursery protocol guarantees. Opposing opinions on Miscanthus available on the internet usually refer to varieties of Miscanthus sinensis, which is a garden plant and is not available from Terravesta and is considered unsuitable as a biomass crop.

Miscanthus stores net 2.35 t of CO2e every year

Miscanthus giganteus CO2 cycle in an unabated power generation scenario

It is the carbon life cycle of Miscanthus that makes it such an attractive crop for climate change mitigation. As a result, both the UK government and the EU Commission have identified biomass as a key part of their respective decarbonisation strategies.

Miscanthus Markets

Miscanthus is primarily used as biomass for combustion in renewable energy power plants to generate electricity and heat homes (CHP – combined heat and power). There are also alternative markets, including:

  • domestic fuel alternatives, bio-refining
  • animal bedding, horticultural mulch and growing media,
  • construction materials such as concrete or fibreboard
  • sanitary wipes, paper production, packaging
  • phytoremediation of polluted soils.

In the UK, Terravesta has signed long-term contracts with biomass power stations. In addition, Terravesta procures growers and land, manages the agronomy, harvesting and logistics of the biomass

Terravesta is currently working on several projects across Europe that bring together biomass farmers, logistics companies and industrial users. Terravesta develops new markets in partnership for a better and greener future.

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