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Miscanthus field close up very green in Summer

Growing Innovation

Terravesta supply chain process from field to factory

Growing Miscanthus hybrids for a bio-based future.

A natural and carbon negative plant-based innovation for climate change mitigation.

Miscanthus x giganteus is a perennial rhizomatous grass.

As well as providing raw lignocellulosic biomass for sustainable markets, materials and products, it also increases organic matter in soils, stores carbon and enhances biodiversity.

After it is established, this sterile, non-invasive hybrid grows to a height of up to 3.5 meters per season. Miscanthus receives little or no cultivation during its 20+ year lifespan and its root structure stabilises and improves soil quality and slows down flooding, preventing soil and nutrient run-off into watercourses.

In the UK the current primary market is to the electricity sector where it delivers baseload power to the grid from whole Miscanthus bales. Other rapidly emerging sectors include construction products, biofuels, bio-chemicals and degradable replacements for plastics, steel, packaging and many more.

Miscanthus farm walks information to farmers
  • farms walks,
  • power station tours,
  • guest speakers,
  • personalised visits to Miscanthus crops in the area.
Miscanthus harvest in late winter with a forage harvester

Worlds first commercial Miscanthus x Giganteus Hybrid

Harvest 2024 ongoing.

Harvesting miscanthus giganteus with a forage harvester Jaguar Class

2024 Planting update

Miscanthus giganteus planting Terravesta semiautomatic planter rear view
Miscanthus giganteus grows on flooded land, actually it loves waterlogged land
Testimonial of the Miscanthus grower Bill Lewis about water logged land
Planting of Miscanthus with the special Terravesta semi automated planter

Ready to improve your farm’s productivity?

Plant Miscanthus rhizomes with Terravesta in the spring of 2024.

William Cracroft Eley

Behind this agritech business stands an experienced team.

Miscanthus grower Adam

Meet the farmers growing this novel carbon negative crop.

The Miscanthus contractor Jim Beeden

A long list of contractors delivers the biomass from field to factory.

Brigg biomass based power plant

Quality biomass from dedicated fields.