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Baled up and delivering

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Baled up:

We’re very nearly at the end of miscanthus harvest ’17, and this year’s season has been a triumph, with warmer than average weather through March, April and the first half of May.

Most of the harvest data is in and we’re pleased to report that we’ve had 33,000 tonnes declared with still over 750ha of declarations to follow.

The quality of the crop has been excellent. This is largely down to a long growing season – the miscanthus senesced early last autumn, due to some heavy frosts, and manycropsflowered, which means it’s had a long drying period and has been easier to cut and bale.

The bales have come in with an average moisture content of 13%, which is right on the mark.
Terravesta growers have been fantastic this year, all meeting the new bale specifications.
Everywhere is baled apart from some central, west and south-west farms – the end is near.

New market news:

We’re excited to officially announce that we’re now delivering miscanthus to two whole bale power stations.

Last year we began supplying Brigg power station in North Lincolnshire, and this spring we have been supplying the newly opened whole bale power station in Snetterton, Norfolk.

This news is key to our company vision as we continue to strive for sustainable market growth, and the demand for the crop is vast, so more planting is needed in 2018 to meet it.

So far, this spring, we’ve transported over 8,500 tonnes of miscanthus, which is roughly 404 loads, to both power stations.

Furthermore, we’ve seen a lower rejections rate, which is a great testament to our growers and contractors who have adhered to new bale specifications.

Working with roughly 10 hauliers coming different regions has meant that we’ve been extremely busy, but the ultimate outcome has been a great achievement for Terravesta and for our growers.
Thank you all for making it happen.