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Exciting new partnership with Core Biomass

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Our growers are at the heart of what we do and we’re constantly working to ensure the miscanthus supply chain is future-proofed for years to come. Part of our mission is to develop new markets for the crop.

So, we’ve recently developed an exciting new relationship with Norfolk-based Core Biomass, a supplier of high-end multi-fuel biomass boilers for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

The company provides robust boiler equipment, capable of maintaining sustainable low-cost fuel sources. So, it fits perfectly with our business model of promoting renewable fuel growth and consistently delivering a high quality, sustainable fuel product to end users.

We’re looking to work closely with them and others to promote long-term fixed price whole bale miscanthus supply to their large heat and power generation plants. These range from agricultural uses like poultry, to horticultural glasshouses and non-agri-industrial processes, like food and manufacturing. The fuel prices are highly competitive even without RHI.

Miscanthus bales provide 16GJ per tonne or 4444kwh per tonne of energy when burned, and as we always ensure that there’s a consistent source of high-quality bales, we can supply them to Core Biomass’ customers when demand is high, with a moisture content of less than 16%.

Those that make the switch from straw to miscanthus bales will see a number of benefits over burning conventional wheat or rape straw including:

  • Better combustion characteristic due to woody nature
  • Lower ash percentage, therefore manual boiler cleaning is reduced
  • Greater calorific value
  • Higher ash melting or clinkering temperature

We’re excited about the business partnership and the potential growth that we envisage for commercial heat and power generation.

Core Biomass LTD
Address: Hall Farm House, Norwich, Aldborough NR11 7HU
Phone:01263 577301