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Hay Cap grower offer

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An exciting new partnership with Hay Cap means that all Terravesta growers are being offered £5 off weatherproof bale covers from the company, meaning each cover will cost £45 instead of £50.

The product is essentially very simple, with each cap made from 3mm recycled polythene plastic that’s fixed down by large plastic screws at each end of each bale in just minutes.

“Huge safety benefits come with Hay Cap, and the farmer’s feet never have to leave the ground. Climbing on top of bale stacks to cover them with a tarpaulin sheet can be extremely dangerous and timeconsuming. Whereas, Hay Caps are fitted at ground level and then lifted to the top of a stack with a loader and don’t have to be adjusted,” says David Sowray, who manages the European distribution of the products.

“Not only does the product improve health and safety on the farm, but it’s also guaranteed to last for at least 10 years, and they’re realistically expected to last up to 50 or 60 years, so farmers will only need to purchase them once,” adds David.

This year, Terravesta is offering growers an extra £4 per tonne for miscanthus stored into the following year, according to Alex Robinson, Terravesta operations manager.

“On average, poor storage of miscanthus bales leads to a loss of 20% of a grower’s harvested crop. So, if indoor storage is not possible, proper outdoor storage using these weatherproof caps will help growers to receive the premium with the maximum number of bales possible,” says Alex.

Hay Caps were first introduced into the UK in 2015 from Australia, where they are extremely popular, and 20,000 caps were sold in 2016. Now, farmers across the UK are reaping the benefits of Hay Caps when covering hay, straw and miscanthus bales.

To find out more about Hay Cap, please visit and to redeem your offer please contact David Sowray and let him know you are a Terravesta grower, on 07957 125 741 or