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Introducing our new field assistant duo

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Rafal Plaszewski and Mikolaj Glodek work with the head of science and technology, Michal Mos, on Miscanthus scientific field trials. Both will have a similar role, as field assistants, although Rafal will do more of the machinery work due to experience in this area.

Terravesta has a strong science arm, to support millions of pounds of investment into new seed-based Miscanthus hybrids, which will pave the way to upscale Miscanthus planting significantly.

The work Rafal and Mikolaj do will be key to future crop development.

Their day-to-day tasks will vary depending on the time of the year, but they will range from digging and splitting the rhizomes, operating and maintaining farm machinery, preserving film layers, to pruning, weeding, and overseeing Miscanthus seed-based plug production. They will also be involved with data collection from scientific trials as well as harvesting Miscanthus in the UK and Europe.

Rafal and Mikolaj have been working continuously with agricultural specialist agency, Barker Ross Group, for the last 18 months, where they’ve gained plenty of agricultural experience and have developed their skill set.

“We’re both fascinated about the ongoing research program managed by the Terravesta science team, with particular interest in the Miscanthus plug systems and new variety development,” says Mikolaj.

“It’s a physically demanding job, but we’re enthusiastic about working with the science team to accomplish an important common goal,” says Rafal.