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Introducing our newest recruit

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Lincoln born and bred, and now based in Saxilby, Tracy is no stranger to rural businesses – having worked for several local firms over the last 26 years.
Tracy’s background includes 10 years accounting for a large commercial landscaping company, and before accounting, she was involved in the sales and marketing for an MDF Kitchen door manufacturer.
Tracy has a keen commercial sense, having also previously worked as a buyer at an engineering firm.
She will manage the day-to-day invoicing and processing of grower payments, and provides vital support for the department, as Debbie moves over to the operations and logistics side of the business.
“It’s great to be part of such an interesting growing enterprise – making use of unproductive farmland for energy is fantastic,” says Tracy.
“The whole Terravesta team is great. I’m enjoying the friendly environment, and especially like ‘Pepper’ – the office dog, running around.”
In her spare time, Tracy is a dab hand at D.I.Y, which comes in handy because her and her husband enjoy taking on housing projects. “We bought a 100-year old house and renovated it, I’ve done up furniture for the house, and now we’re looking to do it all again,” adds Tracy.
Tracy has hit the ground running, at a very busy time of year, and her expertise is invaluable. Welcome to the team Tracy!