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Miscanthus bedding market goes from strength to strength

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The growing market for miscanthus is developing at a pace and one area that’s seeing increasing uptake is the horse and chicken bedding sector.

We work closely with Staffordshire based seller ‘Miscanthus Bedding Ltd’, supplying the company with bales from a number of our growers and, according to Ian Wallett, the company director, he has big ideas about expansion.

“Miscanthus is the first choice for bedding. It’s highly absorbent and has a number of positive traits that mean it gives the shavings market a run for its money, and demand is growing – mostly through word of mouth, ” says Ian.

“Shavings take a long time to rot down. Miscanthus takes less time to decompose and a lot of farmers spread it on their land. It’s also got a great advantage over straw in that it’s not hollow, so no bacteria or mites can nest inside it.”

Ian has been running the miscanthus bedding company since 2010. His central location is key to his success, because he is one of the only suppliers in the area and a there are a lot of equine businesses and chicken farms in his locality.

“We supply miscanthus bedding to many businesses around the Midlands including chicken farms, saddleries, stables and equine stores from a single pallet to an entire lorry load. The customers are loyal and, pretty much in every case, once they’re tried miscanthus they won’t go back and this is down to high quality product and good service

“Miscanthus for bedding is second to none and, unlike rape straw and shavings, nothing eats it – not even goats and I’ve got horses and ponies, so I’m talking from experience,” says Ian.

Ian has started working with Terravesta for the supply of bales, which means he can expand in a more organic way. He can order the bales as and when he needs them, whereas before, he had to order them in bulk just after harvest, which was a huge initial outlay each year.

“Working with Terravesta is part of the company growth strategy, and allows me to manage supply and demand in an orderly way,” adds Ian.

If you’re interested in sourcing miscanthus bedding contact Ian direct on: t: 07966 148156 or e: