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New range of miscanthus sustainable domestic fuels unveiled at The Three Counties Show

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Wave goodbye to dirty fossil fuels… miscanthus fire logs, briquettes and firelighters are the new kids on the block for your fireplace, BBQ, stove or chimenea.

Miscanthus is a ‘wonder plant’ that’s grown by UK farmers. It’s a carbon positive renewable energy biomass crop, meaning it takes in more carbon than is released during its lifetime – even through burning, so it’s good for the environment.

The new miscanthus domestic fuel range is set to revolutionise the way we heat our homes, cook our summer BBQ food, and ward off the late-night summer chill with outdoor chimeneas.

Smouldering like lava, the ranges burns hotter, lasts longer and provides one of the most sustainable fuels on the market.

We’re proud to have launched a range of 100% miscanthus domestic fuels with unrivalled heat quality.

“We work with over 250 British miscanthus growers, and can guarantee full traceability from field to furnace,” says Alex Robinson, Terravesta operations manager.

“The BBQ Briquettes, logs and firelighters have unrivalled heat quality, and highly fertile ash you can compost at home. They don’t spark or spit, and are clean to handle,” he says.

“The Three Counties Show is an ideal central location for the launch, attracting over 96,000 people over the three days – and we’re confident that the new fuels will be perfect for anyone who is looking for cost-effective domestic fuels, that are not only more effective than alternatives, but are good for the environment,” adds Alex.

Officially available on 1st July, visit to get your hands on the new miscanthus BBQ briquettesfire logs, and firelighters.