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First farm walk of the summer announced

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We’re pleased to be announcing that the first farm walk this summer will be on Thursday June 30th, at The Wilson Family’s farm in Bonby and hope you’ll be able to join us to learn more about both the value, and future, of growing miscanthus.

The walk will be taking place on June 30th, at Hall Farm, Bonby, Lincolnshire DN20 0NR, by kind permission of the Wilson family & Gary Harrison, farm manager. We will be meeting at the farm buildings just off Middlegate Lane map ref 53.633109, -0.48233.

Order of the day:

10:30 Arrival and coffee

10:45 The market for miscanthus – what it is, what the benefits are, and how Terravesta works to make the most of the crop

11:30 A farm walk with your host

This gives you an opportunity to question your host and the team from Terravesta, see the crop, discuss the establishment and growing techniques, and evaluate how miscanthus will fit into your farm rotation

13:00 Return to the farm for a light lunch

13:30 A summary of the day and a chance to hear more details about the Terravesta offer

Who should join us?

Anyone considering an alternative to their current rotation, or looking to maximise returns from marginal land, should come along and see how working with us will help to improve their returns. Miscanthus offers a great opportunity for farmers looking for an alternative crop in today’s challenging marketplace.

Farmers fighting blackgrass resistance, looking for a guaranteed income, wanting better returns from marginal land, or looking for an easy-to-manage crop, should consider this opportunity.

We’ll also welcome land agents, agricultural bank managers, advisors and consultants – in fact, anyone who influences the buying decision.

These days offer a unique insight into the growing and management of the crop, and an opportunity to gain first-hand experience from existing growers.