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Get your harvest declarations in!

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Grower contracts stipulate a penalty charge for late declarations, however this year due to the severity of the wet weather, we’re extending this declaration deadline date to June 15th (formerly May 15th).

Thank you to all growers that have managed to bale up so far and submit harvest declarations. It streamlines the logistics process for us significantly and declarations have been flooding in – which is great to see.

So please get them to us as soon as possible, if you haven’t done so already. And bear in mind that just updating someone from the team with information will count as a ‘declaration’ and save Terravesta masses of time chasing in information to help plan logistics. So just give us a call!

Your harvest declaration was e-mailed over to you on March 10th or 11th and the subject was “Personal Harvest Declaration Link”. It looks the same style as the Terravesta Times newsletter, so look carefully at the body of the email and if you can’t find it please get in touch.

For more information on filling your harvest declaration click here.

Harvest update

Harvest has not been without its problems due to wet weather, which has caused delays at least six weeks in some areas.

Despite this, our growers have been fantastic in keeping us updated on harvest progress and we’re pleased to say that we’ve had 18,000 bales equating to 12,000 tonnes declared so far.

One saving grace is that we’ve seen some unseasonably cool temperatures at the end of April, with many nights below freezing, which has held back new growth, helping to ease the pressure for baling before new growth. The recent mild temperatures are now encouraging new shoots to grow – resulting in a very narrow window for baling, so ensure maximum communication is maintained with your contractors so you don’t miss the opportunity to bale.

Now that spring is really kicking off, these shoots are appearing fast and the narrow baling window has shrunk rapidly.

And if you’ve managed to bale up in advance of new growth, remember this is the perfect opportunity to apply a pre or post-emergence herbicide or perform remedial work on the crop such as sub-soiling or disking for compacted or poorly established crops.

If in any doubt, refer to our ‘Essential Growers Guide’ for best practice guidance.


We’ve made great progress so far with 2016 planting and the first crops planted are now starting to emerge.

The weather has delayed things somewhat and has had an impact on ground preparation but we have pressed on and managed to plant 60% of this year’s new crops already.

Just a reminder to any of growers planting this year, please do keep us posted with information on emergence and establishment by giving us a call, we want to hear how your crops are doing.

Brand new agronomy support service

All our growers receive free agronomy support as part of our service. And we’re updating the process, meaning that you can get the best advice exactly when you need it.

We’re working with independent agronomists ‘Indigro’ and have worked with the team to develop an ‘Agronomy Request Form’

This form is accessible on the ‘downloads’ section of our website and is available to all growers who have any questions about the crop or need spraying recommendations, for instance.

Once you have filled out the form and sent it to us, we will be in touch with the most suitable advice as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please get in touch t: 01522 731873 e: