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Celebrating a successful year for our contractors

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This year’s contractor forums had a different tone. They were less about offering guidance and more about celebrating achievements and the contractors were happy to hear about our plans for expansion and the additional crop being planted.

“Thanks to our contractors, we’ve improved average bale weights by 35kg compared with last year, which is 93 lorry movements saved, equating to £24k savings to growers in haulage,” says Alex Robinson, operations manager for Terravesta.

“The majority of bales were below 14% moisture, despite the vast amount of rain we had this spring which is testament to improved best practice across the industry from both growers and contractors,” adds Alex.

Our approved contractors are all Miscanthus experts and are at hand to help growers to improve their gross margin per hectare by offering their skills, machinery and advice as well ad being able to assess poor crops, then manage them accordingly.

If you’d like to get in contact with one of our approved contractors in your area, a full list is available here.