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Product of the moment

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Currently our best seller, 100% Natural Miscanthus Fire Logs are winning favour with shoppers everywhere as they look for sustainable alternatives to dirty fossil fuels.

They burn hotter and last longer than the competition and they’re good for the environment.

Each Fire Log is densely packed with Miscanthus only and nothing else, which is a renewable energy crop grown by our British farmers.

Once they’ve tried our heat logs our customers don’t look back, often due to the quality of the heat and the clean handling.

To celebrate the success of the Miscanthus Fire Log, we’re offering 20% off all orders until the end of February 2019!

Sensational stats about Miscanthus:

  • A wonder crop that looks grows over 3 metres tall, it’s planted once and is harvested every spring without the need for replanting, and can live for over 20 years!
  • A renewable and sustainable fuel, that’s good for the environment – absorbing more carbon than it releases through its lifetime
  • Doesn’t spark or spit and is clean to handle
  • Has unrivalled heat quality, and highly fertile ash you can compost at home
  • Full traceability from field to furnace – all grown on British farms


Find out more about our 100% Natural Miscanthus fuel range through our dedicated website.