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New shoots emerging: don’t panic!

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This year we have had reports of new shoots emerging in Miscanthus crops and our advice is not to be alarmed; it’s still possible to harvest the crop and generally the forage harvester will cut above the level of the new shoots so they should be untouched.

In the case that the tops of shoots are cut off, please rest assured that it is not an issue and the crops won’t be hampered.

Weed control after harvest

Once the crop is harvested and baled, it’s an ideal time to apply total herbicide on any unwanted weeds, which will help to boost annual growth and increase yields.

However, it’s important to evaluate the crop closely before applying weed control.

If new shoots are emerging, it’s important to check the stage of growth carefully. When the shoots first emerge, they come up in a red casing, from which green leaf emerges. So, if the shoots are red, its generally ok to spray, but if there is green leaf showing it is not advisable to spray.

Please contact us for advice on emerging shoots.