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Boost yields by remediating drought affected crops

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As you are all very aware, we suffered an abnormally prolonged drought during the summer months of 2018. Combined with intense heat, this has had adverse effects on many crops on lighter soils, and in some cases, heavier soils.

We have already communicated to a number of growers about this potential issue and believe there is always an opportunity to make positive gains from challenging situations.

We see this as a brilliant opportunity to remediate some of the older, poorer crops. Particularly, those with compaction or with weed issues, with saplings creeping in from hedgerows for example.

If your crops are looking particularly drought affected, please contact the team to arrange a site meeting to discuss the remediation options.

This needs to happen before the contractors are fully active – some have already started cutting crops due to dry conditions. Please do not wait any longer than you have to!