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2015 Winter Grower Forums

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Over the last two weeks we have been meeting up with our contacted growers throughout the UK, it has been great to catch up with everyone and have the chance to have an open forum discussion on a number of topics. While each area has its own challenges, there were a number of subject areas that were common to all.

One of the most hotly debated topics was the feedback from our contactors meetings that we held in late November early December, in which we discussed with your contactors our bale specification requirements, in terms of moisture, size and best practice to ensure you are getting the best possible bale quality. The overwhelming message that came out of days was that communication between you and your contactor the key to maximising your Miscanthus harvest, for more information please contact Terravesta on 01522 731873.

An up date on changes we have made to the harvest declaration process to make it easier and simpler to administer please remember that the deadline date for its return is the 15th May, for more information on the changes please contact Alison Fisher in the office.

Lengthy discussions on the advantages of widening the baling window by cutting as soon as the land is fit to travel on, and the benefits this brings to the ability to carry out any timely remedial work that needs to be done. We also discussed at what point it becomes too late to take action.

Issues with locating contractors? click here for an up to date list.

Lastly; the fact that we can now offer Terravesta contacted growers a planting price £1050/ha for anyone who is looking to extend their area of Miscanthus in the future, a significant saving on previous planting prices, if you would like to know more please contact Terravesta.