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2019 planting beckons!

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Planting season has now drawn to a close with over 900 acres of new Miscanthus planted across the UK. It’s definitely been a difficult season with March and April experiencing 78.6% and 71.2% more rainfall than average. With rainfall up and sunlight hours down by over 30%, we have had to contend with cold, wet soils and a challenging planting window. Nonetheless, we have finished planting and the new crops are thriving with some farms on track to take their first harvest next February!

This year’s difficult conditions have only been a testament to the durability and robustness of Miscanthus rhizomes and with demand for new crops so high and a brand new MK3 Semi-Automatic Miscanthus planter currently in design, there’s plenty to look forwards to for 2019.

As orders are starting to come in for 2019 contracted Miscanthus planting, I’d like to highlight a few key points and dates for the coming year.

Our brand new MK3 Miscanthus planter is currently in the design phase and will be available to use as part of our package offer for next spring. While next April may seem a long way off, it will come around quickly and with the demand so high for next year, I will need to close the order books for 2019 contracted Miscanthus planting earlier than in previous years.

First steps for Miscanthus planting 2019 is to get in touch, so pick up the phone or drop me and e-mail and we can book in a meeting and a field survey.

To lock into the discounted pricing structure, I will need a signed term contract and establishment contract, a 5% deposit and a sustainability data return from you by no later than 30th September 2018. This secures your order and locks you into our discounted pricing structure. Orders are taken on a first come first served basis.

To book a field survey/meeting please email or call me on / 01522 731873 / 07495 595067

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