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7 Sustainable Christmas Tips & Hacks

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1. Make your own Christmas crackers!

Christmas crackers are a fun tradition but they do create a lot of waste. When was the last time you kept the jumping plastic frog or paperclip? A great way to reduce the waste is to make your own out of sustainable paper and fill them with items your guests would actually use like seeds for the budding gardener or a reusable spork for the outdoor explorer. If you don’t have time to make your own from scratch you can buy instructional kits from places like Etsy.

2. Sustainable gift wrap

The mixed materials used for gift wrap (e.g. glitter) and the use of tape means huge amounts are thrown in the bin and cannot be recycled. Instead you could use kraft paper, newspaper, scraps of fabric and keep it together by using twine or ribbon instead of tape. Collect the wrapping up after guests have unwrapped their presents and reuse for next year!

3. Reusable Advent calendar bags

Usually advent calendars last 24 days and are then chucked away. To save some waste and some money you could buy 24 kraft or material bags and hang or even hide them around the house year after year. Creating your own means you have the flexibility to fill them with whatever you like.

4. Upcycled decorations

Throughout the year save up disposables like newspaper, scraps of wrapping paper and bottle tops and get crafty! Youtube has loads of easy to follow tutorials for upcycling. This is great if you’re on a Christmas budget and it’s a fun family activity.

5. Decoration storage hack

Keep your egg boxes and use them for storing and protecting Christmas decorations year after year. Looking after your decorations saves money and waste!

6. Christmas light tangle no more!

Use a coat hanger to wrap your Christmas lights around so you don’t get frustrated next year and end up buying new ones. Any tangles that can’t be rescued could always be used in a vase or planter.

7. Book Christmas tree

A budget friendly, creative way of making your house festive without damaging the environment. Stack your books into a Christmas tree shape and top with decorations, a simple, modern take on Christmas.

You can also heat your home more sustainably by using our 100% Natural Miscanthus winter fuel range.