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Best ever Miscanthus price for 2018

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We’re pleased to announce that again this year, Miscanthus prices have increased, and growers on long term contracts with Terravesta continue to reap the benefits of index-linked price rises.

Also among the 2018 updates are reduced penalties for early bale movements, a new moisture bonus available and a haulage cap for growers to Brigg and Snetterton power plants. The new haulage cost of £400/load is subject to meeting new 2018 bale specifications, which stipulate that bales should weigh a minimum of 575kg and below 16% average moisture content.

Before you read on, I’d like to I’d thank you for your exceptional efforts in 2017. We collected and delivered 99.2% of volume declared successfully thanks to you and your contractor’s sterling work. We also managed to cope with the changes in our delivery schedule requested by the power stations, at short notice, due to decreased availability of cereal straw. What a year!

Please read through this year’s updates carefully and let us know if you have any questions. Here’s to a successful harvest 2018.

2018/19 contract updates in brief:

  • New price with RPIX of 4.2% increase
  • Reduced penalties for early movement
  • Increased average (4×4) bale weight minimum to 575kg = reduced haulage cost!
  • Haulage subsidies re-introduced
  • New moisture bonus available for <12%MC
  • 4×3 (high density) are now available by agreement – contact us for more info

Haulage Subsidies:

  • We are pleased to announce haulage capping for all growers into Brigg & Snetterton at £400/load, subject to:
    • A minimum 5-year term contract, starting April 2018
    • Meeting the specification of the new back page of the contract, bale weights minimum 575kg and below 16%MC average

Delivery schedules – Brigg & Snetterton:

  • We will be delivering 5-6000t/month leading up to cereal harvest therefore we have been able to reduce the early movement penalty to -£3/t
  • Arson sites will be moved in April. Evidence of a previous attack on the same bale storage site must be provided within your harvest declaration
  • Site Access – we have had a number of inaccessible stacks due to weather and ground conditions. Please ensure the month you select for collection is achievable and accessible

Bale collections and ticket books:

  • You will not be receiving ticket books from us this year, we are now distributing these directly to our contracted hauliers
  • You are solely responsible for ensuring the tickets are completed in full – if you allow a load to leave site without a flo number (processor reference) you could face the risk of losing payment
  • The driver will leave a ticket copy with you, please ensure vehicle registration number and all of the information is accurate before their departure

Harvest declaration process:

  • Please complete your harvest declaration online at
  • You need to use an up to date internet browser, Google Chrome is perfect
  • If you cannot access the internet, please ring the office and we can send a paper copy
  • This must be completed by the named grower on your contract – it is a legal document and it faces a contract breach if completed by a third party
  • One harvest declaration per grower – if you try to complete multiple harvest declarations to beat the system or try and sneak in ahead before baling is complete, you may risk being put to the back of the queue
  • ‘Harvested area’ – please ensure you complete this as accurately as possible. We need this data to monitor yields properly and have noticed people aren’t as coordinated with their contractors as they could be

Crop improvements and management:

  • Some of the older crops are not fulfilling their yield potential. We are now achieving consistent yields over 12-14t/ha on new crops and the returns improve significantly, and simple remediation practices can boost yield, crop quality, and profits significantly
  • Please contact the team if you’d like to discuss how to get the most from your Miscanthus crop

Outstanding contracts / expiring contracts:

  • We have sent out a number of contracts that are yet to be returned, please ensure you are still in contract and not awaiting to send back paperwork, this could affect your place in the harvest declaration process and potentially slow down collections and payment
  • If you are a South West grower – please ensure you have requested a new contract (5-year minimum starting April 2018) otherwise you will not qualify for the haulage subsidy

If you have any questions or comments, please do either email the team at or 01522 731873 or call me on 07901520130.