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Early bird Miscanthus planting offer for Terravesta Athena

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With political uncertainty forecast for the foreseeable future and wheat prices at their lowest for two years, this is a good time to consider planting our new rhizome-based Miscanthus variety, Terravesta Athena™.

Terravesta Athena™ has delivered staggering results in commercial-scale trials, meaning quicker and higher returns and more than double the energy per hectare.

Athena is available for 2020 spring planting and produces higher yields in year two of the crop’s 20-year life cycle, an average mature yield double that of original Miscanthus giganteus, a calorific value increase of 8%, resulting in a 180% increase in energy per hectare (megajoules), and a significant ash content reduction, all of which benefits the end-market considerably.

Trial results show that on average year two yields are 62% above the standard Miscanthus giganteus variety, producing 8 t/ha for the first harvest and 12.5 t/ha in year three. Extensive testing for Terravesta Athena™ took place on 270ha of varied UK soil types, as well as differing geographic and climatic conditions.

The new variety will give farmers a faster return on investment and overall increased margins through the crop’s life.

We offer long term contracts, which are RPIX linked allowing you more control over the long term future of your farming business.

If you would like to take advantage of our Early Bird offer, saving 5% when you register your interest before the 15th September, please get in touch.