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Farm tech improves Miscanthus crop performance

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 A farm tech revolution is emerging and farmers using state of the art technology to help monitor crop performance are gaining new insights which enable them to make informed decisions and improve efficiency with fewer resources.

This autumn we’re launching a drone surveying service for new and existing Miscanthus growers.

The service will allow farmers to better understand how their crops are performing and the reasons behind any issues or changes.

Among its many advantages, the drone will be able to give accurate plant counts and calculate the establishment rate for new crops planted and is highly recommended during emergence.

Our drone pilot, Chris Wilson, pre-plots the flight paths for the drone to fly over your crop taking hundreds of images. Our software then composites these images together to create an extremely high resolution image enabling 99% accurate plant counts and % of weed burden in your crops.

The algorithms and high tech analysis are all born out of Terravesta’s commitment to research and development of Miscanthus and should increase our knowledge base, continuing to improve the planting techniques for the future.

We’re excited by the opportunity to make even more informed decisions on Miscanthus fields and boost crop quality and yield.  If you’re interested in benefitting from the new service, contact the planting team today.