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Home » News » Issue 3 of the ‘Essential Growers’ Guide’ is well underway and will be issued this summer

Issue 3 of the ‘Essential Growers’ Guide’ is well underway and will be issued this summer

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We’ve seen a high quality crop and high yields. But it hasn’t been without its challenges, and we’re positive that the third volume of the ‘Essential Growers’ Guide’ will help growers to harvest and bale without a glitch, in order to maximise returns.

The new guide will include the following key information to try and make sure any potential problem areas are avoided:


  • It’s key to start harvesting as soon as the ground allows, and this means as soon as the ground is dry;
  • It’s essential that the cut crop is left in the swath for long enough to enable the sap to dry out;
  • Aim for moisture content of 16% or less for ideal pelleting feedstock;
  • Ensure that swath contains minimal leaves, it’s important that cane is not cut onto wet ground;
  • Growers are advised not to worry about rain on swathed crop. Worrying can cause growers to ask
    their contractors to bale when the crop isn’t ready.


  • Turning evens out the moisture and minimises the chances of clumping and patchy bales;
  • Ideally, turn the swath hours before baling on a drying day, this alleviates the risk of having to re-turn the swath if it’s rained on again;
  • Ideally, turning should be kept to a minimum, and only carried out if required;
  • It is advisable to cost and plan turning the swath each year, ahead of harvest. Reducing the need to turn means reduced harvest costs.


  • Our contractors are experts in harvesting miscanthus, so ensure you always communicate effectively with your contractor, and listen to their advice.