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Miscanthus planting record breaker

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It’s been a slow and difficult start to the season but with the current high-pressure system we are experiencing, planting is in full motion. With 286 tonnes of rhizome being delivered via refrigerated lorries, it’s definitely keeping us and our growers on our toes!

There’s a good geographical spread of farms planting Miscanthus, and to name a few, planting is taking place in Berkshire, Essex, and Dumfriesshire this year. This is testament to our Miscanthus varieties and their ability to adapt to different climates and still achieve record-breaking yields. The quality of the rhizomes is exceptional with many growers praising their vigour, quality and robustness.

We’re aiming to complete planting this year by the 27th May. I would to again thank everyone for their patience in what has turned out to be a difficult spring but with soils both warm and wet, the rhizomes could not be going into better conditions thus paving the way for another year of record breaking yields.

It is crucial to monitor the weed progression on your fields post planting therefore making it very important to keep the seed bed as clean as possible. This will give the Miscanthus the best chance of shooting early and generating stronger more defined root foundation, both are key to achieving high yields.