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Top Tips for planting success

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Here are a few top tips to help you achieve success in 2015. It’s a busy time of year, but miscanthus fits into the farm schedule really well, slotting easily into the other activities you’re busy with this spring.

Follow these easy pointers to make sure your crop gets the right start:

Top Tips for planting success

  • Preparation of the site

When you’re planting miscanthus on ground that’s been down to long term pasture, remember to treat for wireworm first. Draw up a long-term weed control programme – remember that getting herbicide application right in the early days will play dividends as the crop takes off.

Any weathered ground should be prepared into a fine tilth – around 10cm deep – as close as possible to the agreed planting date. This will reduce the risk of the soil drying out.

  • Maintaining rhizome quality

Plant your rhizomes as soon as possible after delivery.

When you need to store your rhizomes, ensure they are stored out of direct sunlight, and that they’re kept both damp and cool.

  • Planting

Regular communication with your planting contactor is key to ensure the crop is planted at the right time, in the right conditions. Remember to roll the field after planting, and use weed control in accordance with your pre-defined herbicide programme.