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Why Miscanthus?

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With next year’s planting decisions now upon us, Terravesta is hearing from an increasing number of arable farmers who are seriously investigating Miscanthus as an alternative arable crop option for 2015. Whatever the driver behind their search, the question on everyone’s lips is the same: Why should I plant Miscanthus?

There is no single answer – growers are opting to plant Miscanthus for a whole host of reasons, whether it is the security of long-term profits, or a personal lifestyle choice. For example, its low-maintenance, low-input nature makes it ideal for anyone looking to take a step back from intensive, day-to-day farming due to ill health or retirement – and allows growers to dedicate valuable time and resource to generating improved returns elsewhere on the farm. Its resilience also means it thrives in a variety of soil types; and can even turn a farm’s most marginal land into profitable land, with secure RPIX-linked returns for 20+ years.

What’s more, Miscanthus is a flexible cropping option, with a two-year establishment period and a spring harvest that does not conflict with other crops. Growers are free to plant as little or as much as they would like, and can opt for phased annual planting to increase their Miscanthus area as they wish. Many of Terravesta’s contracted growers are already enjoying the lifestyle benefits that come with moving the majority of their farm over to the crop, but even those dedicating as little as 10% of their worst-performing areas have seen an enormous boost in overall productivity.

To hear about the bespoke benefits Miscanthus could offer you and your farm, get in touch with one of the expert Terravesta team today.