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5 Top tips for using our Miscanthus Horse bedding

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Heavy rain fall has spread through the UK already this autumn. In October, the entire UK averaged a whopping 13 days of rain, totalling 92 millimetres (3.6 inches). Wet weather means muddy fields, wet yards and drenched turnout rugs.

Not only is Miscanthus horse bedding three times more absorbent than wood shavings, it’s ultra-hygienic. Read our five pointers for getting the best use out of our bedding, to keep your horse happy through the soggy months…


Storing in a dry place is always preferable, but the bags do protect it against some damp. The bedding is very compact and easy to stack.
Split the bag open down the longest edge to pour out.
2-3 bags should do one stable, but it depends on peoples/horses’ preferences
Once the stable is bedded down as required, you only need to pick out soiled patches and top up with bedding throughout the week.
Miscanthus horse bedding breaks down in approximately half the time of shavings and does not remove nitrogen from the land in the same way as wood shavings do.

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