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Celebrating a record-breaking harvest

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We have seen our biggest ever harvest this year.

Largely due to improved crop performance from our new performance hybrid Terravesta Athena™ , better planting techniques, more planting and a fantastic growing season, the tonnage figure is 15% up on last year.

Terravesta Athena™ produces higher yields in year two of the crop’s 20-year life cycle, an average mature yield double that of original Miscanthus giganteus, a calorific value increase of 8%, resulting in a 180% increase in energy per hectare (megajoules), and a significant ash content reduction, all of which benefits the end market considerably.

Trial results show that on average year two yields are 62% above the standard Miscanthus giganteus variety, producing up to 8 t/ha for the first harvest and 12.5 t/ha in year three. Extensive testing for Terravesta Athena™ took place on 270ha of varied UK soil types, as well as different geographic and climatic conditions.

Athena will give farmers a faster return on investment and overall increased margins through the crop’s life.

Farmers considering planting Terravesta Athena™ Miscanthus can now benefit from a finance package to cover virtually all upfront costs for crop establishment, as well as new direct, long-term offtake agreements with end-users, with 10–15-year index-linked annual returns.

Under the new contract, Terravesta will supply its Performance Hybrids, planting equipment and agronomy throughout the crop’s life, ensuring successful crop establishment by committing to a minimum number of plants emerging under its new planting promise.

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