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Exclusive: Waitrose to trial Miscanthus Briquettes and Firestarters

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Four cities in the UK will launch our eco-friendly 100% Natural Miscanthus Briquettes and Firestarters in Waitrose. We can exclusively announce that the four stores will be Southend, Cheltenham, Rushton and Salisbury.

These innovative BBQ Briquettes and Firestarters are made from locally grown Miscanthus, a perennial energy crop which burns cleaner, hotter and longer than other BBQ products. The range is all natural, has a high density and a low moisture content of 8%.

Hailed as a ‘wonder crop’, Miscanthus grass reaches over four-metres tall and it’s grown by British farmers. It absorbs more carbon than it releases in its 20-year + lifetime and stores it in the earth, which helps to alleviate C02 pollution and reduces the effects of climate change.

Miscanthus produces a crop each year, without the need for replanting and it doesn’t require any fertiliser or pesticides. It thrives even on the poorest land and enhances biodiversity and soil health, making the BBQ Miscanthus Briquettes the most renewable and sustainable fuel available.

Terravesta is confident that the new range fulfils a need for ‘greener grilling’. “We are responding to consumers, who don’t want to be using dirty, unsustainable fossil fuels and are welcoming a wider range of cleaner, environmentally-friendly alternatives.

“People care about the planet and the dangerous, long-lasting effects of oil-based products, and are shopping accordingly. Waitrose is at the forefront of this initiative, sourcing products such as ours which are good for the local economy and the planet,” says George Robinson Terravesta managing director.

Terravesta works with over 300 British Miscanthus farmers, to grow and harvest Miscanthus each spring. The crop has many sustainable uses, from generating heat and power for homes in large-scale power plants, bio-based plastics, natural fibre for building materials, land remediation and high-quality animal bedding.

The 5Kg Natural Miscanthus BBQ Briquettes retail at £5.99 and the Firestarters, costing £4.29 for 30, will be available in the four trial stores this month.