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Forage Aid – all in a good cause

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Terravesta’s chosen cause for 2015 will be Forage Aid. We started our year of fund raising for them with a £500 donation, which was handed over as the Forage Aid tractor & trailer called in at The Buttery (the venue for our January farm walk) on their way to the Energy Now Expo 2015 at the Telford International Centre. The road trip had taken the scenic route from Somerset through Avon, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and into Shropshire, with several Young Farmers Clubs supporting the road run by driving most of the 170 miles.

Lincolnshire farmer Andrew Ward started forage Aid in 2013 as a response to snowstorms that left sheep farmers in Wales & North-West England without feed for their livestock. It was ready to respond again following the floods that devastated farms in the Somerset levels just over 12 months ago.

They are now looking to gain full charity status that will enable them to maintain a fighting fund that would mean they would be able to respond within hours to help farmers hit by natural disasters in the future.

To support the charity we will be taking a forage aid collection bucket to all of our events throughout the year.