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Fuelling the future: The rise of the Miscanthus Briquette & Log

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Miscanthus Fire Logs are soaring in popularity as shoppers look for sustainable alternatives to wood and coal.

They’re the new thing for wood burning stoves and open fires, burning cleaner and for longer and benefitting the environment more than their wood-based rivals.

“Shoppers are increasingly aware of the environment and love the eco-credentials of our fuels,” says David Pattison, commercial manager for Terravesta Fuels.

“Fossil fuels have become a dirty word and we’re all becoming more aware of our social responsibility. With Miscanthus what you have is a ‘carbon negative’ fuel, meaning that it absorbs carbon as it grows and gives a nutrient rich compost after burning and even the packaging is recyclable.”

David says that much of the population is dependent on wood and fossil fuels such as natural gas, kerosene, or coal for their domestic energy needs, which deplete natural resources, increase greenhouse gas emissions, pollute the air and encourage deforestation.

“Miscanthus is a perennial crop so it’s harvested each year and regrows annually for 20 years or more, its environmental benefits are well documented and it’s the most ‘eco-friendly’ fuel on the market,” he says.

Terravesta converts Miscanthus into Fire Logs, Firestarters & BBQ Briquettes to provide an alternative to charcoal and wood usage in the domestic energy mix.

“Not only do they benefit the environment, they are clean to handle and store, and more cost-effective, delivering hotter, more consistent heat than logs.”

To order Miscanthus household fuels visit our online shop.