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Miscanthus summer fuels fly off shelves in Waitrose

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Our Miscanthus BBQ Briquettes and Firestarters are flying off shelves in four key Waitrose stores this summer. Southend, Cheltenham, Rushton and Salisbury stores are trialling our product and shoppers are lapping up the new eco-friendly BBQ option by voting with their feet and clearing shelves.

Pop in and get your hands on some to see what all the fuss is about!

Hailed as a ‘wonder crop’, Miscanthus grass reaches over four-metres tall and it’s grown by British farmers. It absorbs more carbon than it releases in its 20-year + lifetime and stores it in the earth, which helps to alleviate C02 pollution and reduces the effects of climate change.

Miscanthus produces a crop each year, without the need for replanting and it doesn’t require any fertiliser or pesticides. It thrives even on the poorest land and enhances biodiversity and soil health, making the BBQ Miscanthus Briquettes the most renewable and sustainable fuel available.

David Pattison, commercial development manager at Terravesta is pleased with the response so far. “Shoppers want more choice and now they are able to make sustainable purchases for BBQing. It’s fantastic that the products are so popular in the hottest summer I can remember!”

The 5Kg Natural Miscanthus BBQ Briquettes and Firestarters are available now in the four trial stores.

Visit our dedicated fuels website to learn more about the summer range.