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New Barn Bonus scheme boosts profits for dry Miscanthus

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As part of an ongoing commitment to producing top-quality pelleted biomass fuel, Terravesta has launched a new Barn Bonus scheme, designed to incentivise farmers to keep their baled Miscanthus dry and under cover.

The Barn Bonus is available to all growers signed up to Terravesta’s 10-year Miscanthus growing contracts. In addition to benefitting from best-ever prices of £72/tonne, contracted growers whose Miscanthus bales have been stored in a barn and meet the required moisture specification of 16% or less will be rewarded with up to £2/tonne extra through the scheme.

William Cracroft-Eley, Terravesta chairman, explains: “At Terravesta, we place great emphasis on keeping moisture levels to an absolute minimum (ideally 16% or less) in order to secure the best quality crop for end-users and the highest returns possible. Demand for Miscanthus as a home-grown biomass fuel continues to outstrip supply, and as we aim to double annual production again this year, quality remains our top priority. The drier the crop, the better the pellets it will produce, which is in everyone’s interests –  from the grower right through to the end-user and everyone in between.

“With recent wet weather conditions causing ongoing concern in the farming world, this message is now more important than ever. Growers who can make use of available barn space to shelter their crop will continue to reap the rewards well into the future. Terravesta is committed to helping growers get the most out of their Miscanthus, and introducing the Barn Bonus scheme is all part of giving them that extra incentive to do just that.”

Growers who keep their bales under cover until 1st October will benefit from £73/tonne for in-spec crop, while £74/tonne is available to those who shelter them for longer periods.

In addition to the Barn Bonus scheme, Terravesta is now offering haulage subsidies to farmers in selected regions as part of its ongoing commitment to building a UK-wide grower network. For more information, contact us today.