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New executive team to grow the Miscanthus bio-economy

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Terravesta has big ambitions to tackle the climate crisis and deliver a low carbon economy by upscaling the planting of its Miscanthus Performance Hybrids.

Key to building the Miscanthus bio-economy is testing and securing enough supply of our hybrids, upscaling planting and linking the supply of these raw materials with a near-industrial scale of sustainable products and end-markets.

To help to drive this change, we have appointed a new executive board, who will all work closely with the board of directors, William Cracroft-Eley, George Robinson, Hamish Bichan and Nat le Roux, to create the sustainable future we want to see.

Alex Robinson will be steering the ship as Chief Operating Officer, Simon Calder as Production and Business Development Director, will manage the upscaling and commercial deployment of our seed-based performance hybrids for global growth and Michael Squance, Director of Science and Technology, will be driving the development of science and technology departments to meet our international ambitions.

We speak to each of the new executive board about their roles and ambitious plans…

Alex Robinson

New position: Chief Operating Officer

 Key roles and responsibilities:

I’ll be driving the execution and organisational strategy of the leadership board. This means day to day management of the business and the growing Terravesta team, and essentially carrying out the vision of the board to plant more Terravesta Performance Hybrids, encourage investment to fuel our growth and support the development of new markets.”

Thoughts on the new appointment:

“I’m grateful to be part of Terravesta at a pivotal and exciting time of expansion for the business and i’m excited to assist in taking the company to the next stage of its evolution.”

To speak to Alex email

Simon Calder

New position: Production and Business Development Director

Key roles and responsibilities:

“My role is focussed on upscaling seed-based Terravesta Performance Hybrids and reducing the production costs for growers. A key part of the position is also to grow new end-markets globally and link planting to these sustainable markets.”

 Thoughts on the new appointment:

“With growth comes extra challenges for the leadership team, and working alongside Alex and Mike on the executive board will help to drive the change that that the board of directors wants to see. I’m thrilled to take on the new role and thoroughly committed to upscaling our Terravesta Performance Hybrids and putting Miscanthus on the world stage.”

To speak to Simon, email

Michael Squance

New position: Science and Technology Director

Key roles and responsibilities:

“Science and technology is an important foundation for the growing Miscanthus bio-economy. I’ll be ensuring that our ambitious science research programme delivers for growers and for the board. I’ll also be overseeing the development of new technologies such as the recently launched ‘Harvest Hub’ which is streamlining harvest statistics and means that sustainability data is captured and in future this data will be crucial in things like carbon sequestration reporting. I’ll also continue to manage the business IT infrastructure and data management systems.”

Thoughts on the new appointment:

“I’m excited to take on this new challenge and help to drive innovation not only for Terravesta and our growers but for the wider Miscanthus bio-economy.”

To speak to Mike, email