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New planting team to support more Miscanthus growing

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Terravesta has big ambitions for Miscanthus planting in the UK to help decarbonise our economy, and as demand increases, we have an expert team to support farmers to grow high-yielding, healthy crops.

Our planting team will work closely with UK farmers to support them throughout the cropping lifecycle. This includes surveying fields, understanding each farm business and how Miscanthus fits, assisting with planting and giving agronomic advice throughout the crop’s life.

Mark Coleman is our customer accounts manager, Stephen Roberson is our field consultant, and Russell Fraser has joined as our operations manager. The team will facilitate Miscanthus growers with all the dedicated support needed.

We speak to each of the new planting team about their roles…

Mark Coleman – customer accounts manager

Mark has been with Terravesta since March 2021 and is the first point of contact for growers to deal with questions and queries, and ultimately, ensures our farmers are looked after.

Highly unflappable, and with a great sense of humour, his background is in banking and finance, and he’s gone from branch management to financial consultancy for investments and pensions before joining the team as customer account manager.

“I like problem solving, and if someone has an issue, I’ll do my utmost to resolve it,” says Mark.

“I’ll be developing the new Harvest Hub data management system, making sure it’s as user-friendly as possible, and ultimately, keeping our growers happy,” adds Mark.

To speak to Mark click here.

Stephen Roberson – field consultant

Stephen has a background rooted in agriculture and supports growers who are interested in planting Miscanthus.

He is the second point of contact for farmers, and he will conduct field surveys, taking soil samples, giving planting advice and understanding how Miscanthus fits into the farm business.

“I believe very strongly as a farmer myself, that farmers need as many options available to them as possible,” he says

“Miscanthus has an exciting future ahead and I want to be part of it. If farmers want to know more, get in touch with us. We’re not interested in the hard sell, we are delighted if you want to get involved and we will accompany you on the journey,” adds Stephen.

To speak to Stephen click here.

Russell Fraser – operations manager

Russell has always worked in farming and his last post was farm manager at Bedworth Estate in Nottinghamshire.

He will be working with our growers throughout the crop’s life cycle.

“Miscanthus has an important role to play in the future of our farms and it’s another profitable option for farmers moving through a time of huge change in agriculture,” he says.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know the growers, learning more about the science behind the crop, and especially interested in getting the planting automated – farm machinery is a passion of mine!”

To speak to Russell click here.