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Osberton Horse Trials switches to Miscanthus horse bedding

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Osberton International Horse Trials is using 100% Miscanthus horse bedding for the 2019 event, taking place on 2 – 6 October, in a sustainability drive and on account of its high absorbency.

Innovator and event director, Stuart Buntine, is behind the transition to Miscanthus horse bedding and is teaming up with Miscanthus specialist, Terravesta, to seamlessly supply the product at the event.

“Miscanthus is a carbon negative crop, grown on British farms and the bedding is highly absorbent, which is crucial if we experience wet weather during the trials,” he says.

“Reducing our carbon footprint where possible is high on the agenda for all events and this is one step in the right direction.

“We’re confident that not only is it tremendously sustainable, it’s a high-quality product which is being more readily welcomed by the equine industry,” adds Stuart.

David Pattison from Terravesta is delighted to have such a strong association with the leading equine event. “The fact that Osberton Horse Trials is solely using our Miscanthus horse bedding is a real boost. We know it’s a fantastic product and we hope the riders and horses will be more than impressed.

“Miscanthus is three times more absorbent than wood shavings, due to the porous pith inside the Miscanthus cane,” explains David.

“It’s also cleaner than the competition, naturally carrying less bacteria and it helps to reduce unwanted odours,” says David.

Hailed as a ‘wonder crop’, Miscanthus grass reaches over four-metres tall each year. It absorbs more carbon than it releases in its 20 + year lifetime and stores it in the earth, which helps to alleviate C02 pollution and reduces the effects of climate change.

Miscanthus is a hardy perennial grass, producing an annual crop, without the need for replanting and it doesn’t require any fertiliser or pesticides. It thrives even on the poorest land and enhances biodiversity and soil health.

For more information on Osberton Horse Trials visit To try out the 100% Natural Miscanthus Horse Bedding visit Terravesta’s shop.