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Terravesta a roaring success at Energy Now Expo

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Diversification really was the name of the game at the recent Energy Now Expo, with the Terravesta stand proving hugely popular with farmers looking to explore new income opportunities. This was also reflected during William Cracroft-Eley’s presentation as part of the show’s Energy Crops panel, with visitors keen to hear more about why there has never been a better time to get involved with Miscanthus.

William explains: “It was great to see so many people at Energy Now, and to talk face-to-face with farmers about the challenges of 2012 and what the future holds in 2013 and beyond. Following the volatile weather over the past year, it is clear that growers and landowners are now looking very seriously at new profit opportunities for the months and years to come – and Miscanthus is rightly at the heart of their discussions.

“This remarkable energy crop gives growers a chance to diversify into a new, growing sector – the energy market. What’s more, thanks to the long-term security offered by Terravesta’s best-price, index-linked contracts, the time to make the move is now.”

As well as discussing the commercial opportunity for those planting in 2013, potential growers were also able find out about the benefits of Miscanthus as a sustainable biomass fuel source. Of particular interest was Terravesta’s unique Grower Fuel Loop (GFL) scheme, which allows termed contract growers to buy back pellets as heat at a significantly discounted rate.

For more information about the GFL, or any aspect of growing and burning Miscanthus, please contact Terravesta today.