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The job’s not done until the paper work is finished!

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What could go wrong now? Your Miscanthus has had a fabulous growing year and you’ve followed our top tips for baling and storage of your Miscanthus, so now is the right time for a quick recap on the processes and paperwork that ensures your payment arrives with you on time.
Last year the total percentage of crop processed over crop declared in 2014 was only 80% – therefore 20% of the crop that was baled did not make it through the pelleting plant for whatever reason. This equated to just under £400,000 of lost gross revenue to our growers. This is a figure that we know you are as equally keen to reduce as we are.
A number of issues have been addressed on the ground with contractors through our contractors meetings and growers at the ‘Winter Growers Forums’; however there are a number of ‘paperwork’ issues that it is important for us to address:
‘Harvest Declaration 2015’ – this is the most useful and important document we share annually. It provides Terravesta with the information it needs to know how much, where and what quality of bales you have to move. This information ensures we can deliver the correct quality of bales to the correct place, therefore reducing any additional haulage cost by having to move wet bales to other sites. Keeping us informed of bale numbers will help us to send the right size lorry and reduce part loads.
The deadline date for the return of your Harvest declaration to Alison Fisher is the 15th May 2015. Should you find you are struggling to meet this deadline please contact the office on 01522 731 873 as soon as possible to discuss the issues, please don’t leave it until the last moment. We are here to help.
‘Bale Collection Ticket’ book – This is an extremely important document to all of our growers. This is essentially your receipt for bales moved and has a very large amount of value attached to it.  Ensuring the clarity and accuracy of information written in it is invaluable. It is also advisable to ensure it is signed by the lorry driver before leaving.  This is the document that you get paid on.
In early February 2015 you will have received a new bale collection book to be used from the start of this season – they are clearly marked 2015.  All previous years’ books and tickets must be destroyed and not used.  If you have not received a new bale collection book please contact Alison Fisher in the office for a replacement.