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The rise of the Briquette and Heat Log in the UK

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Beginning to take off in the UK in a big way, Miscanthus briquettes or ‘Heat Logs’ are the hot new thing for wood burning stoves and open fires, saving money, and benefitting the environment more than their wood-based rivals.

“Consumers are increasingly aware of the environment and their purchasing decisions reflect this,” says Camilla Helley, commercial manager for Terravesta.

“And why shouldn’t consumers have a say about the UK energy mix? With Miscanthus what you have is a ‘carbon negative’ fuel, meaning that it absorbs carbon as it grows.”

Camilla says that the majority of the population is dependent on wood and fossil fuels such as natural gas, kerosene, or coal for their domestic energy needs, which depletes natural resources, increases greenhouse gas emissions, pollutes the air and encourages deforestation.

“Miscanthus is harvested each year and goes on for 20 years or more, its environmental benefits are well documented, and it’s the most ‘eco-friendly’ fuel on the market,” she says.

Terravesta converts Miscanthus into Heat Logs in order to provide an alternative to charcoal and wood usage in the domestic energy mix.

“Not only do they benefit the environment, they are easy to handle and store, and more cost-effective, delivering more heat than logs.

“Once you’ve tried our Miscanthus Heat Logs, you won’t go back,” assures Camilla.

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