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Changes to Miscanthus harvest declarations

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Alex Robinson updates on increases to contract pricing and a new format for harvest declarations…

Contract Pricing and Operational Update

With the arrival of 2020, we are happy to announce your contract price has increased by 2.6% in line with the RPIX for Jan-Dec 2019.

Our growers will all receive a letter very soon, which will include a contract which is updated annually with any amendments to pricing, charges and specifications, and reflects the delivery schedule agreed with the power stations.

Having listened to our growers’ comments, we are delighted to advise you that we have updated the Harvest Declaration Form to make the process quicker to complete online. We have introduced a new login system whereby you’ll need to enter your Grower Code and your individual PIN number. This information is in your letter.

The link to declare your harvest is: We recommend using a modern internet browser such as Google Chrome. To further improve the process and to give us all a clearer picture of how your crops are performing, we will be sending all our baling contractors a ‘Field Declaration Form’.

From the field identification information given to us by yourselves, the baler will simply write the number of bales per field on the form and give a copy to you once completed.

You can then simply transfer the data onto the harvest declaration where requested. If you are changing baling contractor this year, please call the office and let us know, and we’ll ensure they are provided with the new form.

We have also asked all baling contractors to ensure that all strings are present and ‘tight’ on bales, due to more stringent checks at the power stations. Loose bales cause problems with the mechanical operation during bale processing and can cause hours of delay whilst the machinery is cleared, so this is very important. If you have any issues with strings, please contact the baling contractor you used or rectify yourselves – it is not the hauliers responsibility to replace strings.

New Crop Establishment

With the recent publication by the Committee on Climate Change, published on the 23rd January 2020: “Land use: Policies for a net zero UK”, calling for 23,000 hectares of biomass crops to be planted annually, including Miscanthus, there is no better time to look in to planting our new Miscanthus variety, TV Athena™.

TV Athena™ is the result of years of extensive research and development and testing and delivers an average net return of £635.00/ha with an average yield of 14 tonnes/ha. If you have any queries regarding planting, please contact our sales team:

Power Station Tours

Find out how green electricity is generated from your Miscanthus at our exclusive power station tours running throughout 2020. The power stations we supply produce enough electricity to power 200,000 homes, whilst saving thousands of tons of CO2 emissions each year. If you would like to attend a tour either in Lincolnshire or Norfolk, please visit our website to register your interest – We look forward to working with you in 2020 and thank you for taking the time to read this update carefully.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Get in touch with Alex Robinson here.