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Earn while you burn with our new GFL scheme

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July saw Terravesta exhibiting at the Great Yorkshire Show, where we officially launched our new Grower Fuel Loop (GFL) – a scheme that offers our termed Miscanthus growers the unique opportunity to meet on-farm heat requirements by growing their own biomass. As well as generating a tremendous media buzz, we have also had a great deal of interest from both new and existing growers.

The scheme means farmers can now profit not only from growing Miscanthus, but from burning it too. As a farmer myself, I know that the demand for Miscanthus as a biomass fuel source isn’t just limited to major energy producers. Many of our growers have their own heat requirements, whether these be on-farm, domestic or as part of a new or existing commercial development. What’s more, with energy prices soaring, the pressure is on to find reliable, sustainable and cost-effective alternatives to fossil fuels.

This is where the GFL comes into its own, allowing any grower with a Terravesta contract to benefit from their own homegrown eco-energy source. They can buy back heat as 100% pure Miscanthus pellets from up to 50% of their contracted area, at a heavily discounted rate – typically around 35% less than the cost of oil today! By signing up to the GFL, they are also backed by the security of two separate ten-year, RPIX-linked contracts, one for growing, one for fuel supply. Who else can offer that level of fuel security for a whole decade?

As an energy supply deal, the GFL sounds almost too good to be true. Time, then, to put words into action! In my home village of Hackthorn, we’ve been busy putting the GFL to the test by installing not one, but three, biomass district heating systems – set to provide sustainable heat and hot water to ten properties in three clusters. We chose Guntamatic Biocom pellet boilers (two 100kW models and one 50kW), which were supplied and brilliantly installed by Duncan Renewables of Tockwith, North Yorkshire. Originally traditional commercial heating plumbers and engineers, the team designed the schemes and re-tuned the boilers to run perfectly off Miscanthus pellets.

Having now successfully converted seven of the properties from oil to the renewable district heating system, I’m pleased to say the two 100kW boilers are running smoothly and the pellets are burning well. It’s great to know not only exactly where our fuel is coming from, but also that by using it we are benefitting the British farmers who supply the crop. Better still, not a single tree has been cut down to produce it. At the time of writing, the 50kW system (which will serve one Victorian house and two new builds), is currently being installed, and is due to be up and running by the end of August so watch this space!

To find out what the Grower Fuel Loop could do for you and your farm, contact us today.