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Harvest Update

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Hopefully the good weather is here to stay. This year’s harvest has been testing, and it’s the first spring where Miscanthus growers in the East of England have had to experience what the West and South West have to go through most years.

The Eastern counties are currently around seven weeks behind schedule, and the South West is around two weeks behind.

We need to make the most of this narrow harvest window as soon as we can.

As temperatures rise, and the soil warms up, new Miscanthus shoots will emerge quickly. Do not be alarmed if you are faced with having to run on new shoots. It isn’t a worry because cutting the shoot tips is comparable to having a late frost, where they are burned off.

Miscanthus is highly resilient and will grow back despite any damage that may occur.

Contractors are going to be busy, and if your contractor is struggling to fit you in at an optimum time for you, please refer to the contractor map below for alternatives in your area.

As ever, keep us posted, and get in touch if you have any queries.

Alex Robinson