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Record Miscanthus planting this spring

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We have been inundated with interest for Miscanthus planting for this spring and the next.

We have a record area of Miscanthus rhizomes going in, from a total of 22 growers planting crop this year.

It means that we now have around 300 Miscanthus growers working with us.

Interested in 2019 planting?

While 2018 planting opportunities are now closed, we already have orders coming in thick and fast for 2019 planting.

If you are considering planting Miscanthus in spring 2019, the process can start now. Earmark those fields, and book in for a site survey over the late spring and summer months, so that the ground can be prepared in the autumn, ready for successful planting and establishment next year.

To get discounted prices for Miscanthus planting in spring 2019, contracts have to be signed off by 30th September 2018, and there are processes which need to take place before this date, which can be started now.

Timeline and processes involved with planting Miscanthus:

Survey requirements and correspondence

  1. Completed pre-survey field information sheets, field maps and soil analysis results sent to Terravesta, ideally in early summer
  2. Site survey made by Terravesta
  3. Post survey recommendations made
  4. Contract application form and self-billing form completed
  5. Term contract, establishment contract and sustainability data return completed, no later than 30th September

If you’re interested in planting Miscanthus in 2019, please get in touch with Jacob Duce, on or 01522 731873. If you would like to learn more about the crop, come along to our harvest farm walk this March.