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Growers unite for Miscanthus ‘safari’

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Terravesta’s first ever Miscanthus event was a resounding success, with growers from across the country gathering at the Hackthorn estate in Lincolnshire to learn more about the wonder crop in a hands-on workshop.

As well as meeting with fellow growers to share tips and advice, attendees were taken on a ‘Miscanthus safari’ to gain invaluable insight into the development of planting and improvement techniques.

William Cracroft-Eley, chairman of Terravesta, hosted the event. He says: “We felt it was important to share our learnings about this extraordinary crop with the farmers working with it on a daily basis, and we saw holding a Miscanthus workshop as the ideal opportunity to do this. We’re delighted that the day was so well-received, and growers were particularly appreciative of the chance to talk about and learn from each other’s experiences.

“Miscanthus has been part of the UK’s farming landscape long enough now for us to know about its nature as a good and profitable crop, but as many of those who came along are already aware, there are risks associated with jumping in at the bottom of the learning curve. Events like these are crucial for keeping the momentum going, and the next generation of growers will have today’s pioneers to thank for that.”

Watch this space for future Terravesta events and news.