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How was your cereal harvest?

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I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been bombarded with the statistic that wheat prices have reached £200/tonne. This begs numerous questions. For those growers who have actually secured this price – was it for a load, or for a whole crop? With or without quality deductions?

Unfortunately, when asked whether they have had a good harvest, the answer from these growers is almost universally, “No!” – matched with complaints of “Poor yield!”, “Poor bushel weight!” or “Huge blackgrass problem!”

A bad harvest at £200/tonne? What a shame! It just goes to show that for growers, the real result is not about price, but rather about margin.

In contrast to wheat, Miscanthus has flourished in the wet summer of 2012. Crops have thickened dramatically – even those with poorer establishment. Once this has happened, there’s no putting the genie back in the bottle! This, matched with best-ever prices year-on-year, the creation of new market opportunities thanks to Terravesta’s secure term contracts, as well as a 50% planting grant, means the case for Miscanthus just gets better and better.

With the time to review spring cropping decisions now upon us, it is the perfect time to talk to us about including Miscanthus in your crop mix. With contracts with hundreds of growers, and many cumulative years worth of experience growing this incredible crop, we are here to help. We can organise site surveys, planting grant applications, supply contracts and quotes for planting. Talk to us today and find out what Miscanthus can do for you.