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The great grower opportunity

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It’s been an excellent season so far for Miscanthus, with hundreds of hectares of new planting happening all over the country. Since forming Terravesta earlier this year we’ve experienced an overwhelming response from growers recognising the true benefits of the crop – both as a sustainable energy source and a lucrative investment. However, we believe this is just the tip of the iceberg – there is certainly room for major growth, and our motto at Terravesta is if you can grow it, we will buy it.

Recent statistics show there is 350,000ha worth of suitable planting ground for Miscanthus in the UK. The potential for this space is massive – allowing for around five million tonnes of the crop, with no detriment to food supply. To put this in perspective, a yield of this scale could generate enough sustainable power to met 24% of the heat demand currently being fulfilled by oil and solid fuel!

For those looking to get involved and become a Miscanthus grower, now really is the time. Applications for the Energy Crops Scheme planting grant from Natural England – which covers 50% of establishment cost – close in the autumn of 2013. Applications allow for phased planting for up to three years, so those made soon could be used for planting in 2014, 2015 and 2016. We’re encouraging anyone interested to talk to us as soon as possible for help with putting together an application. We’re here to offer advice and support on all aspects of the scheme, and welcome enquiries.