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Manage black grass with Miscanthus

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This year’s weather has resulted in an explosion in weed populations in arable crops. Especially blackgrass, which, as one of the most difficult to deal with, will leave a legacy of expensive management, suppressed yields and compromised cropping for years to come.

We have received a number of enquiries at Terravesta this month from farmers who are considering the blackgrass control potential of planting Miscanthus alongside its other benefits.

A blackgrass problem makes Miscanthus look especially attractive for a number of reasons. Spring planting of Miscanthus offers the chance for seedbed weed control, with ploughing deep burying many of the seeds, and because Miscanthus doesn’t need annual cultivation, further germination isn’t encouraged.

The Miscanthus cycle presents an annual opportunity to control any emerging blackgrass but this soon ceases to be an issue as when the crop is established, its leaf mulch completely suppresses weed growth.
Add to this the established benefits that Miscanthus growers can already expect of reliable annual yield and income, very low inputs, power requirement and costs and Miscanthus as a blackgrass weapon can deliver a significant ‘whole farm’ improvement, while turning the marginal land into profitable land.